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We’ve curated a lot of the best ideas into themed posts that might help you find what you’re looking for a lot easier!

Virtual Tours

As more and more of us throughout the world get stuck indoors, that’s no reason not to let your imagination run wild. Dozens of museums and locations throughout the world are opening their (virtual) doors to help combat loneliness and isolation from being indoors during the COVID outbreak. Link back to this ever growing list […]

Video Chatting Solutions

As more and more families are stuck inside or unable to travel, video chat solutions have become incredibly popular – a way to help us all feel connected. Here are a list of some of the top video chatting tools that we’ve come across. Zoom Calling House Party Google Hangouts Facebook Portal / Facebook Messenger

Other Great Sites

There are some other great resources out there, so we’d be remiss not to point out these great sites. Take a look at this list below: While At Home (link) This is a great resource site with a similar goal. Check out the “I AM…” section on the page to find specific resources for groups […]